L’Artisane: The return of the Boubou


The boubou is a traditional, formal attire from West Africa. The garment when worn at festivities or important events – the “grand boubou” – is usually decorated and embroidered. Inspired by her grandfather’s stories and images, L’Artisane took the traditional garment and gave it a contemporary twist. By mixing aspects of the past with the present, the designer is also reflecting the dynamics of her city Dakar, a city that has “elements of the now, while paying tribute to what was”.

I love how L’Artisane re-interpreted this classic West African garment. Her creations look stylish & fashionable and fit quite well into the current kaftan and kimono trend. My favorite designs are the piece with the green embroidery on the back, as well as the black & white boubou; the mixed prints one is quite the eye-catcher, too.


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